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Hey guys!

Today, I’ve got some exciting news to share with you…

I’ve started a Youtube channel!

This channel is specifically designed for Merch by Amazon sellers. I can’t guarentee I’ll be uploading very often, but here’s a few ideas I have in mind:

Here’s some examples of videos I’ll post…

  • Photoshop Tutorials
  • Merch marketing guides
  • How to create killer t-shirts
  • Where to get Merch inspiration
  • How to tier up quickly
  • How to outsource your designs
  • How to find and dominate a niche
  • Keyword and product description optimization
  • Income Reports / Case Studies
  • Interviews

AND MUCH MORE! Other helpful resources can be found here.

And if you’re interested in Photoshop, it’s only 9.99/month. Absolutely worth it for any t-shirt designs you do.

Every time I post a new video,¬†I’ll upload it to the Tutorials page at the top of my site.

And the best part is – IT’S FREE!

I’ve noticed, especially with Merch, everyone wants you to “take their Udemy course”.

Well, I don’t have any of those. I’m uploading everything you could possibly need to know¬†absolutely free.

I’ve already created a 4-part Photoshop Tutorial series for you guys. You can check that out here if you want.

And don’t forget to subscribe!



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Pretty Girl

1 month ago

Danny, are you planning to upload some more new videos?


1 month ago

Probably not anytime soon. Search Youtube for Merch Informer – they have a bunch of really useful videos.

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