Merch Buddy Review: How To Upload 10 T-shirts in 16 seconds

A couple weeks ago, I wrote a post about taking a six month Merch “hiatus”. In my case, that was just a fancy way of saying I got lazy and let life get in the way of my Merch side gig.

So, what was holding me back?

One word: Time.

The thing is, I did have time. Maybe not as much free time as I did this time last year, but I certainly had time I could have been spending on Merch.

If you’ve spent any time at all on the Merch by Amazon platform, you know that uploading t-shirts can be a very tedious process. I have a 100 t-shirt/day upload limit, and close to 700 open slots that need filling!

That, by itself, was daunting enough to make me think to myself “I don’t feel like uploading today“, or “Maybe tomorrow night I’ll upload some designs”. The next thing I knew, 6 months had passed and not a single designs was uploaded..

So, a couple weeks ago I decided I’m getting back into the game. Settings new goals, crushing them, and making the absolute most of my Merch account. My time is valuable, as is yours. So of course, I started doing some research on tools to speed up the uploading process…

That’s when I found¬†Merch Buddy.

What’s Merch Buddy?

Merch Buddy is a Google Chrome extension that will soon become your new best friend. It is hands-down the fastest way to upload designs. In just 16 seconds, I was able to upload 10 Merch by Amazon t-shirt designs using this extension. With this, you copy and paste all of the product details. So –¬† title, brand name, bullet points, description, and even the price – can just get copied from 1 listing and pasted into a new tab.

This is super useful if you have 1 design and want to put it on multiple products like t-shirts, premium shirts, long sleeves or hoodies.

Here’s a quick demo video:

Why You Need Merch Buddy

If you were to copy and paste the product details manually for 10 t-shirts, it would take you about 2 and a half minutes. With Merch Buddy, you can copy and paste those details in 16 seconds.

That’s an 87% time saver!

As I mentioned before, I don’t advertise anything on my blog that I don’t personally use. This tool has quickly become one of my favorites. I was one of those people that would copy the product details from one of my live designs (because I knew the keywords had already passed the Amazon filters) and paste them into a new design. I actually used a similar product called Merch Text for a while, but that made you remember keyboad shortcuts and ended up being more hassle than it was worth and I went right back to my old manual copy/paste process.

One of my goals was to put most of existing designs on the other Merch products (premiums, hoodies, long sleeves), and now that I have a simple way to do so, I should no problem filling up my slots.

Sounds Awesome! How Can I Get It?

You can Merch Buddy here! It’s a one-time $30 cost, but the price is negligible. It’ll pay for itself during your first few batch uploads.

I’m actually excited to start uploading again. Remember – More designs = more Merch royalties! Speaking of royalties, I was just a couple dollars shy of a $500 month…maybe next month I’ll break that $500 wall again.

Wrapping Up

If you guys want to check out the full list of tools I use, be sure to check my Resources page or check out my timeline of previous Merch passive income posts.

As always, happy merching!



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Niels van der Tak | Merch Action

3 weeks ago

Thanks Danny, If anyone has any questions let me know. I’m the Creator of Merch Buddy. I’m also open to any suggestions you might have for new features you would like to see.


3 weeks ago

Thanks Niels! I personally would like the option to open just 1 new tab instead of 10. I’m going through and uploading variations of already live designs and don’t necessarily need 10 new tabs to open. Other than that, I uploaded another 60 designs last night very quickly – so thanks again!

Niels van der Tak | Merch Action

2 weeks ago

You can customise the number of tabs it should open in the setting/options page, just click on the merch buddy icon in the top right corner and click on options to change it.


2 weeks ago

Fantastic! I didn’t even think to click there. Thanks again.


3 weeks ago

Have discovered several bugs. The original link to add to chrome is bad. The link keeps taking you to Edge, not chrome so it keeps telling you that you have to download Chrome. The link should be to chrome itself.

When using the tool, the images keep getting overlaid. I want to use a different image in each tab and it should keep whatever image I upload for a given tab. Then after copying and pasting, all the fields look like they are filled in, but Amazon is not seeing the data. It keeps saying that data needs to be filled in, even though it is all there. Please fix these bugs and it will be a very helpful tool. Thanks,


3 weeks ago

Please keep in mind that I’m not the creator of this extension, but I can reach out to him about this. That said, I haven’t ran into those issues during my use.

Also, the original link isn’t bad; this is a Google Chrome extension so it must be used with Google Chrome. It sounds like your PC is set to open Edge by default. You can change this behavior in Windows by searching for Default Apps > web Browser and choosing Chrome.

Niels van der Tak | Merch Action

2 weeks ago

Hi Pat,
I’m sorry to hear that you are having problems.

It’s hard to understand what the problem is exactly. Because I have not been able to replicate the error.
Could send me some screenshots or record your screen and make a short video to show me what the steps are and how the error occurred.

Then I can see exactly where the problem might be. Please contact me at so we can resolve these bugs as fast as possible


3 weeks ago

Hi Danny,

I realise you arent the developer of this tool, but even I have been running into the said issues mentioned by the other commentor. I will also try reaching out to the dev & report back.
I wanted to leave this comment on here so that others reading this article would have a fair idea of what to expect. With the issues sorted it would definitely be a great tool.

Niels van der Tak

2 weeks ago

Hi KD,
I’m sorry to hear that you are having problems.

Please contact me at so we can resolve these bugs as fast as possible

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