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Everything on this page is something that I personally use and can recommend.

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Merch Research Software

Merch Informer – This is my go-to tool for researching, organizing, and looking up t-shirt competition. Anyone who’s serious about making money with Merch uses this tool.

Merch Buddy – The fastest way up upload Merch by Amazon designs. Seriously, best $15 I’ve spent on a Merch tool so far.

PODforest – A marketplace to buy & sell POD designs. You can also list your Design services, (Use coupon code MERCHPURSUITS for a 75% off lifetime membership!)

Amazon – If you want to support me and my blog, consider clicking my Amazon link before making any purchase.


Adobe Photoshop – $9.99/month (the cost of only 2 shirts!) This is my go-to tool for every single T-shirt I create. One of the largest sites to purchase commercial-use fonts.


Theme: This is using the Ark Them eleven40 Theme.

Domain Registrar: Awesome support, very quick to resolve all my issues via chat, and a very easy-to-navigate website. Plus, 1 year of Whois protection is included for free with all domain purchases.

WordPress Themes: – I purchase all of my themes through Themeforest.

Email Marketing

MyMail – I use MyMail whenever I send out email campaigns, for my autoresponders, to view detailed statistics, and much more more. It’s a 1-time cost of $49 with no restrictions on list size.

Other Recommendations

Pretty Merch – A super useful (free!) Chrome extension that shows in depth analytics within your Merch dashboard.

Merch Check – A super useful Chrome extension that lets you paste text, search right from the same screen. No more switching between tabs!

Coinbase – Free account to buy or sell cryptocurrencies.

How I Pay My Designers

Payoneer – Earn $25 just for signing up! I use this exclusively for paying my designers.

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