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Everything on this page is something that I personally use and can recommend.

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Merch Research Software – This tool will show you the most accurate MBA sales data. Stop using historical data and use MerchData’s live data instead!

SpyAMZ – A fantastic visual Merch Research tool.

Merch Titans – A new research tool that can help you discover more ideas to sell on merch.

Merch Informer – Another awesome tool used for researching, organizing, and looking up t-shirt competition.

Merch Buddy – The fastest way up upload Merch by Amazon designs. Seriously, this is the best $30 I’ve spent on a Merch tool so far.

Amazon – If you want to support me and my blog, consider clicking my Amazon link before making any purchase. (it doesn’t cost you anything extra; it just gives me a a very small affiliate commission if you place an order within 24 hours of clicking this link.)

Pretty Merch -Over 8,000 Merch sellers use this tool to view in-depth analytics about their t-shirts. This one is a must have! Both Free and Pro versions are available.


Design Software

Vexels – The #1 place to download “Merch Ready” commercial-use vectors, png’s, and graphics.

Adobe Photoshop – $9.99/month (the cost of only 2 shirts!) This is my go-to tool for every single T-shirt I create. One of the largest sites to purchase commercial-use fonts.

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